Firefox Add-ons and Themes I Can’t Live Without

Mozilla FirefoxPerhaps the best thing about Firefox is the ability to install add-ons and turn your browser into something more than just a piece of software you use to navigate the Web.

Here are some of the add-ons and themes that I like and cannot do without:

Essentially, GreaseMonkey allows you to customize the way web pages look and function. Once installed, you can easily add a plethora of free scripts to enhance your web surfing experience. For example, I use the Better YouTube, Better GMail 2, Better GReader, WordPress Comment Ninja (which is great for managing comments on your WordPress blogs) and Blog Comment Autofill scripts.

Download | Search for, and download GreaseMonkey scripts

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Reading Habits — Managing your reading list, bookmarks and RSS feeds

For most of us, much of our lives nowadays revolve around navigating the (Mis)Information Highway where there’s (almost) always something good to read. In the process of doing so, we are bound to come across some information we’d like to keep bookmarked.

When information piles up, how do you keep track of what you’ve read, what you’d love to read and what information you’d like to store for reference at a later date?

Different people will recommend various methods to do the above; here, I will share some of my tips on managing the huge library of information that’s at our fingertips, and I hope you’ll find a tip or two helpful.

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