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So You Want to Create Your Own WordPress Theme

One of the best ways to make your WordPress blog stand out is by deploying a customized theme. There are two ways you can do this — buy a commercial theme, have a professional create one for you, or create your own.

While the first option is definitely the easiest route, using a commercial theme does not automatically mean that your blog will truly stand out in terms of design — others can buy and deploy the same theme. Moreover, sometimes you might find that you would be violating the terms of the license agreement should you wish to tailor the theme to your liking. You might have to pay for a “developer’s license” if you wish to do that.

Professional designers can definitely give you a unique theme, but that usually involves paying a good amount of money so unless you have cash to burn it’s not really an option for many.

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Straight From the Horse’s Mouth: Google’s Guide to SEO

Search Engine Optimization

If you’re looking to improve your blog’s page rank, Google has posted a compact guide Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide that will guide you on adopting some best practices that teams within Google and external webmasters alike utilize to improve their sites’ crawl-ability and indexing.

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Ultimate Guide to WordPress Theme Search Engine Optimization

Google Campus

If you run a self-hosted blog on the WordPress platform, you might be interested in this great guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by Nathan Rice.

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Top 10 Best-Designed Christian Blogs

Most Christian bloggers, in prudence, host their blogs either on WordPress.com or Google’s Blogger. There are, however, a good number who prefer to have a unique domain name and host their blogs with commercial web hosting companies.

Since most blogs on the aforementioned blog services are limited in the variety of themes/templates they can use, not many of them will be featured in this list. There are, however, a couple that have made the list because of their innovative use of graphics that make them stand out.

All 10 blogs featured are listed solely on the merit of their designs. This is one of those rare cases where, like the Emergent church, I’ll ignore theology and just look at the superficial, i.e. I do not necessarily agree with all that’s written in the featured blogs. Without further ado, here are the top 10 best-designed Christian blogs in no particular order:
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I’m a Christian and a geek, so I think that puts me in a unique position to help other Christians understand and optimize technology in their daily lives and to help them become better bloggers.

I’ve been working in the IT industry here in Singapore since graduating from college more than a decade ago, and though I’ve not been on the technical side of things for quite awhile now, I still have a strong interest in all things geek.

I hope you’ll enjoy the tips and reviews I’ll be posting on this blog.

To contact me, please feel free to do so via email or, if you like, add me at Facebook, Plurk and/or on Twitter. Do also help rate the posts here if you like them, and add this blog to your RSS reader.