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Straight From the Horse’s Mouth: Google’s Guide to SEO

Search Engine Optimization

If you’re looking to improve your blog’s page rank, Google has posted a compact guide Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide that will guide you on adopting some best practices that teams within Google and external webmasters alike utilize to improve their sites’ crawl-ability and indexing.

The guide covers around a dozen areas that you can consider improving, e.g. title and description meta tags, URL structure, site navigation, content creation, anchor text, etc., and includes many illustrations, pitfalls to avoid, and links to other resources that help explain the topics. It’s also easy enough for anyone, even those new to the concept of SEO, to follow.

Why improve my site’s SEO, you ask?

While it’s true for many Christian bloggers that putting their thoughts down on a blog is just one way to archive their thoughts and lessons learned, most times those posts do serve as encouragement and edification for others too. Moreover, if you’re trying to warn others in the church of false teachings and teachers, you’d want to get the message out to as many as possible. Adopting good SEO practices helps increase the visibility of your content on search results — most people will likely click on the first few results returned than navigating to others further down or on subsequent pages.

If you’ve not already done so, consider subscribing to updates on Google’s blog via RSS — Google will update the guide at regular intervals with new optimization suggestions and to keep the technical advice current.

You can download the guide here (PDF).

5 Responses

  1. @Isaiah: Thanks, I’ve downloaded the PDF and will read it tomorrow. For those too lazy to read it, do you have what you consider to be a ‘top tip’ that Google offers that is commonly not taken advantage of?

  2. @ Nathan W. Bingham:

    There are quite a number of ways, but if you ask me, I’d say the three easiest are:

    1. proper use of tags for posts
    2. specifying alt tags for images
    3. writing appropriate titles

    Just my 2 cents, though. I’m far from being a SEO expert and am learning as I go along. 🙂

  3. umm so you have a new blog eh?
    lol am happy ypou are doing this brother Godbless you so much in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  4. @ Channelofhealing:

    Thank you, IJ. 🙂

    Yea, it’s for the geek in me, and I thought it’d (hopefully) be quite helpful for fellow Christians who might be interested in the same topics.

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