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Top 10 Best-Designed Christian Blogs

Most Christian bloggers, in prudence, host their blogs either on or Google’s Blogger. There are, however, a good number who prefer to have a unique domain name and host their blogs with commercial web hosting companies.

Since most blogs on the aforementioned blog services are limited in the variety of themes/templates they can use, not many of them will be featured in this list. There are, however, a couple that have made the list because of their innovative use of graphics that make them stand out.

All 10 blogs featured are listed solely on the merit of their designs. This is one of those rare cases where, like the Emergent church, I’ll ignore theology and just look at the superficial, i.e. I do not necessarily agree with all that’s written in the featured blogs. Without further ado, here are the top 10 best-designed Christian blogs in no particular order:

Tim Challies

No list of best-designed Christian blogs will be complete or totally fair if Tim Challies’ blog is excluded. Barring any knowledge of the content within, this is a blog with a design that immediately draws you in and makes you want to check out the content. It’s easy to read too, with great typography and peripheral content well laid-out and not fighting for your eyeballs.


Crisp, clear and clean — three words that describe the Reformation21 blog. I love how the colors are used and, as with Tim Challies’ blog, content is well-organized.


Ligonier Ministries

Continuing our showcase of clean, clear and crisp layouts is Dr. R.C. Sproul’s Ligonier Ministries — a favorite stop of mine on an almost-daily basis. I also love the typography.

Ligonier Ministries

Mark Driscoll

Still on the blogs of pastors, here’s Mark Driscoll’s, although it is not as impressive as the web site of Mars Hill Church where Driscoll is a pastor.

Mark Driscoll


When I mentioned that there were two blogs hosted on Google’s Blogger platform that made the list, my guess is that most of you familiar with TeamPyro would have liked to see it make this list. Here’s a great example of how, discounting content, you don’t need to buy commercial templates or themes to make your blog stand out.


Atheist Central

The second blog hosted on Google’s Blogger platform I’m featuring is Ray Comfort’s Atheist Central. As with the Pyromaniacs blog, the blog is featured because of its unique use of graphics — this time in the form of comics drawn by Richard Gunther.

Ray Comfort

Reformed Evangelist

Still on comics and customized graphics for one’s blog, here’s another great example — Reformed Evangelist.

Reformed Evangelist

Sacred Sandwich

What can I say? Great Christian satire and humor on a well-designed site. If you have never read this blog, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Sacred Sandwich

Symphony of Scripture

The final two in this showcase exemplify how simple modifications and additions to freely-available themes can give your blog a distinct look. Featured here is again one of my almost-daily stops: Symphony of Scripture.

Symphony of Scripture

Finally, here’s a blog I’ve come across only recently and am already enjoying it very much. Two things that stand out — I like how Nathan and Andrew have managed to register a domain name like, and how they have customized the Arthemia theme. I’d say the best thing they’ve done with the blog is how you can know immediately upon visiting the blog who the writers are. Most times I like to read the “About” pages at blogs to find out more about the person or people behind the blog.

I know there are more beautifully-designed Christian blogs out there, but I can only read that many blogs and notice that many well-crafted ones. If you know of any others, even if it’s your own, do share.

13 Responses

  1. @Isaiah

    I like the idea of a Christian Geek blog (For those that don’t know, I once had one). Anyway I look forward to tracking this in my RSS and thank you for the honour of making your top 10.

    I am actually planning on re-designing over the Christmas break and was unsure whether to keep Andrew and I on the front like that, so your feedback has been helpful.

  2. @ Nathan W. Bingham:

    Thank you for your encouragement, bro. I didn’t know you had a blog of the same nature; feel free to give me comments and feedback on how I’m doing. 🙂

    You’re welcome on the feedback. I count as but one reader, though.

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  6. What a privilege to be ranked with some of the best! Our theology isn’t all that bad either …. 😛

    Thanks IsaiahC…!

  7. @ Paul A. Kaiser:

    Thank you for the kind words, bro. It’s been my honor and pleasure to feature your blog on the list.

    RE: theology; I’ve got no complaints. 🙂

  8. Wow! The fact we made a top-anything list amazes me. We’ve come so far… though we used to be ranked #1 in Google if one searched “evangelists that sin.”

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  10. @ Jeff Fuller:

    You’re most welcome, Jeff, and thank you for visiting my little blog here.

  11. Asbo Jesus should be on the list!!

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